Monday, 31 August 2015

Pantry Lockers

It's been a week so far in my new home. Trying to wrap my head around the chaos that is moving and unpacking. I received lots of help from family and friends and I could not be more grateful for their time and energy.

A week has gone by and while my living room is set up and my kitchen put away to livable status, it's time to really take a look at what the priorities are and start working.

Priority one is get my Son's bedroom sorted out. We have some work to do before we get to that stage though as there is some walls that need to move first so that project is on pause for the moment. My next area of gradual organization is the kitchen. Everything is put away currently, but as you live in the space, things get moved and you figure out better placement for all the stuff.

I lost a big amount of pantry space in this move, so I have an idea to gain some of that back. I managed to score these really cool lockers from where I work - thanks Dave (yeah, the guy who inspired my fish desk), for dropping them off. It was a year ago, but I finally have an idea for them!
They are going to become my pantry. Well, some of it - not everything will fit in the shelves but it is going to be perfect for cans, spices, baking needs, even seasonal dishes and table linens.

Now these lockers were pretty gross. My Mom and Dad have laughed at me and I'm sure even talked behind my back occasionally to express their confusion over my interior decorating choices. But I spent the weekend scrubbing and cleaning them and prepping them for a fresh coat of paint. The lockers used to be typical beige, and somewhere along the line in the screen-printing department at work, they painted them red. I like the red. However, it needs a do over.

I would never admit defeat to my parents though (or anyone else for that matter) if my parents are right and these lockers are a terrible idea for my kitchen. The worst case scenario, is that I have a nicely cleaned and freshly painted set of lockers in my garage. For, you know... garage stuff.

So here is how they look now after a good cleaning - which yes, I will do again once they are in place. And as usual, stay tuned so more pics of this complete project. Hopefully they're done sooner then later (my Montreal Chicken Spice needs a home).