Wednesday, 30 November 2011

All is Well Painting

So, like I said... busy, busy, busy. Here is a painting that my mom asked me to do. She wanted to give something special to a woman she works with this Christmas and decided that a painting with her favorite saying would do the trick. I agreed to do the painting thinking it was a short saying, then my mom email me this"All is well, all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well."
My only restriction was colour. I was told not too much colour, probably best to stay neutral.

I was a bit worried, I won't lie, but I think it turned out well. Its a 12"x18" painting in acrylic and tissue paper. Mostly brown and beige but some blues bled through on the letter which is what I had hoped for and adds something. The ladybugs are because I just felt like it.

Hope you like it.

All is Well

On to the next project. Stay tuned. It's a fun one.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gearing Up for Christmas

So, it's been a while. What can I say, it's been a busy Fall. I've been putting a few extra hours in at work because our new website went live. What an experience. I've never designed a website before, so it was a really interesting and I've learned a bunch of really nerdy stuff. If you want to check out the website, here you go...
But, now the Christmas season is upon us and I'm into full swing gift making. I'm not entering in any craft shows this year, so pretty much everything I'm working on is as a gift or for myself. Yeah!! I've got some really cool projects on the go.
First is an oversized ruler. I'm making this as our growth chart for Charlie. I found the idea online (check it out on my Pinterest board). Here is the picture so far...
Ruler Growth Chart
Second is a painting I've been asked by my Mom to do a painting for a co-worker that has been super supportive lately and I will post a pic of that once I'm done.
Third is that I finished the top of my quilt which is crazy exciting so now I just have to quilt it.
4th (Ha, that's because I don't know if it's fourth or forth) is a painting I'm working on just because...
Watching the Tide Roll Away
Fifth is just doing wicked sparkly crafts with my munchkin. He might love glitter glue more than me.

And last but not least are some ceramic Christmas ornaments. I found some awesome, huge, cookie cutters and they will make FANtastic snowflake ornaments. These I will probably sell. Once I've made enough.

So, I have the next week off from work (about time), to keep working on all these projects and more. Like always, stay tuned.
Peace Out.