Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Dark Side - Finished

Well, it worked. For those of you hanging at the edge of you seat, waiting to see if my idea of making the painting look a bit worn would work. It did (enter sigh of relief here). No trip to the hardware store for me.
Christine and I put the finishing touches on the two paintings last night. I really like how the turned out. We're expecting tears from the birthday boy! Well, Christine is.

On a different possibly more exciting note, I have a follower! A big shout out to Darryl. Holla!!!
That's it for me for the weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic Canada Day long weekend. Cheers!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Dark Side

So, as I'm hard at work on my Beaver still, I have had a request in from a friend for another friends birthday. I've attached a picture of a recent trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexcio. A group of friends that went down together and then at a local bar found this sign. I was told the only thing that could make this better would be if "Dark Side" was in the Star Wars font. Well his birthday is next week so the painting will be done and posted soon. Here is the photo until then... TEQUILA BOOM!!

Oh, and I would like to thank Christine for all her help. I should mention that these paintings are a tag team effort! We've changed the look a bit to try and make it something you would want to hang in your house. That being said, if it doesn't work, I could be going to the hardware store later this week for plywood and spray paint! Fingers crossed!
Peace Out!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Beaver Update

Well, he is coming along well...
I'm working on the front now. Face and fins. But check out his back. The scales turned out better than I planned.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

2011 Barrie Beaver Festival

Well, it's official, I'm painting my Beaver again this year (insert joke here). So the usual question is "Huh?" But, it really isn't as strange as it sounds. These Beavers are purchased by companies and the festival will raise money for the Kempenfelt Rotary Club, which in turn donate the money to local charities. I responded to a Call for Artist and was one of the artists chosen to paint for the second year in a row.
So what does one paint on a 4' beaver? A Yellow Perch. That's right, my beaver is hopefully going to look like a fish out of water when I'm done. I can't wait! It's turning out better than I thought. Check back to see the transformation take place. For more information visit,

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kitchen Backsplash: The Beginning

Well, those of you who know me, know I have a kiln and do ceramics. I always thought it would be fun to paint tiles and install custom painted swimming pools. Picture swimming in a pool with sharks and cool fish painted all over the tiles. Don't tell me that wouldn't be wicked. I had a plan and everything. Obviously I'd measure, then figure out the tile pattern, then basically draw a grid over it and do the whole paint by number thing with a design I created. Sounds easy enough right?
Kitchen Backsplash after a few evenings of work.
Well, I've know decided, as friggn' sweet as that would be, it's crazy. Why you ask? Let me tell you. After our kitchen renovation, I said I would do a custom backsplash. I tackled it a bit differently going at it like a mosaic. I should note that I am painting, glazing, firing, smashing and gluing the tiles all myself. Not exactly a "simple" project, but it will be worth it. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath for a custom pool any time soon!

Nice to Meet You...

Hi Everyone,
It's me, Andrea.
I've been inspired.
More specifically, I've been inspired to start a blog. My parents will probably laugh at me. I don't blame them, I'm not even sure where this is going yet. So here goes nothing...
I'm an Artist with a Graphic Design background. I don't like to limit myself to one medium. I can paint, I can carve, I can design. I'm okay at sewing (my mom and sister got that gene), I love tools (thanks dad), and I'm terrible in the kitchen.
I have ideas for random creations all the time. Some come to life. Some don't. My plan is to get a few projects that I'm working on posted in the next couple of days. I thought that by keeping a blog on the progress of my ideas may keep me motivated, while at the same time, putting my name out there.
So, I hope you enjoy it. I hope you check back frequently to see what's new. And I hope you get inspired to maybe try something for yourself.